"I’d like to start by thanking you for not only helping teach the necessary curriculum to further my education, but for also helping make us (your former students) better people. Years have passed since I’ve been one of your students, and to still have the door open to come back through with any questions, comments, concerns, or small talk means a lot. You’ve managed to bridge the gap between teacher and student, which isn’t an easy feat. Treating your former students as if we are family, and being there if/when needed. Always leading with respect, understanding, and great knowledge. Your lessons taught have gone beyond the classroom and has helped us all throughout everyday life. They will never be forgotten, nor will you. You are forever appreciated."- Geno Thurton Jr (former student)

"Buenos días Profesor, en nuestro caso nos ayudo mucho, mi hija Melanie Ceron tubo cambios muy buenos dejo de ser una niña tímida y tuvo confianza en ella misma nos dimos cuenta que investigaba más allá de lo que aprendía en su clase por que usted la motivaba a ella y a sus compañeros a saber más, tuvo mucha mejoría en su lectura y en matemáticas se aprendió las tablas que no sabemos porque no podía hacerlo pero hasta el año pasado las aprendió. Gracias por todo y mucha suerte."


"Good morning Professor, in our case it helped us a lot, my daughter Melanie Ceron had very good changes, she stopped being a shy girl and had confidence in herself, we realized that she investigated beyond what she learned in her class because you motivated her to learn more about her, and her classmates, she had much improvement in her reading and in mathematics, she learned the tables that we don't know because she couldn't do it but she did learn them last year. Thanks for everything and good luck."

- Rosalia Perez (Parent)

"During Mr. Tierney’s tenure at Public Policy Charter School he was nothing short of an outstanding educator. He has the rare combination of being a skillful instructor, has the ability to truly engage his students and develop empathy within the group he teaches. He went beyond being a teacher and was a mentor to his students. Although he had left the school (Public Policy Charter School) by then, Mr. Tierney attended the school’s 8th grade culmination ceremony, to celebrate the future journey of his former students. Needless to say the parents and the students were appreciative of this meaningful gesture. I am confident Mr. Tierney will continue to progress in his endeavor to educate our youth in meaningful ways."

- Sonali Tucker Ed.D.

Founder and Executive Director
Public Policy Charter School

"Growing up in Long Beach, Ca I got to have one of the best 3rd grade teachers, Mr. Tierney. He helped me to see that my passion was working with children. I’ve worked as an afterschool program leader/tutor to a full-time nanny. I am now finishing my degree in Child Development to further my career as a Preschool Teacher. He not only taught me but my two younger sisters as well. There was a time where my younger sister struggled with reading and they wanted to hold her back. Mr. Tierney would come in early and work on reading comprehension with her in order for her to succeed and move forward with her classmates. His classroom is where I met my now husband of 2 years. Of course we had to have our favorite teacher at our wedding. My husband was his student a year before me but would still come back during recess and lunch breaks to visit and help out. That’s the type of teacher he was. No matter how many years passed you would still want to come back to his class to visit or help him and his students in any way. He treats his students and family like his own. He teaches you respect and pushes you to succeed and want more in life. I am forever thankful for having him in my life."

- Daniela Bledsoe (Former Student)  

"Hello, this is one of Mr. Tierney’s old students. He is the best teacher and kind! He also lets us have free time to do things at the end of the day. He is super fun because we do quizzes and at the end, if you do well you get a prize. If you are reading this, just know you are getting my favorite teacher ever." 

- Anthony Martinez - 5th grade 

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