Central Oregon Educational Pods
Central Oregon Educational Pods

One of the services Jason offers is educational pods. In this scenario, parents collaborate with other parents and gather students of similar grades to meet each day at an agreed upon destination for instruction. Typical school day hours (9-3, M-F) are encouraged, but parents can set the hours. When the grade level(s) for the pod is arranged, the curriculum, based on the Common Core Standards will be established and mutually decided on by both the parents and teacher.

  • Parent Created Parents and families decide who fits together best to give their children the best opportunity for success.
  • Common Core Standards Teaching and learning will focus on these for each grade level taught.
  • Parent involvement/Input Collaboration between parents and teacher on curriculum, hours of instruction, and schedule 
  • Guest Speakers/Instructors - Virtual and in-person speakers from various backgrounds sharing their knowledge and experiences.
  • Teacher availabilityTeacher created office hours for parents to communicate effectively with teacher. 
  • Diagnostics Given 4 times each year to assess students’ reading/math levels, growth, and guide instruction.
  • Smaller Class Size(s) -
    • Students get more individual attention. 
    • Accelerated learning. 
    • Higher standardized test scores 
    • Fewer interruptions/more direct instruction time. 
  • Tutoring Pod students get 1st priority 
  • Zoom Homework Helpline - Students can request Zoom meetings for homework help at night 

Zoom Service 

Zoom can be used for families needing teaching/tutoring outside the area or just want the comfort and convenience from learning at home. Using Zoom tools such as whiteboard, document/screen sharing, polling, and annotating, students can participate individually or in pods created by parents from anywhere an internet connection is available. 

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