Jason Tierney, M.Ed.

Jason Tierney, the founder of COEP &, has been working in education for 25 years. After his graduation from BSH in 1987, he moved to California to study English Literature at CSULB. After earning his degree, he began teaching at private schools in the Los Angeles area. In 1998, he began teaching elementary for LBUSD and even spent 5 years teaching high school English and ESL at Long Beach Polytechnic High School for the district. During his time there, he also obtained a Master’s in Educational Administration from Concordia University Irvine. After leaving LBUSD, he taught middle school and elementary at two growing charter schools back in Los Angeles to gain some experience at different grade levels and organizations.

As the pandemic changed the landscape of education in 2020, Jason decided to take his unique experiences and skillsets to start teaching back in the place where he lived during his foundational years. He had been dreaming of the moment he would return and start a business like his grandfather once did in 1977. With the support and blessing of his family and friends, Jason returned to begin offering services for students in Central Oregon, but also all over the country with the help of technology.

Jason is a dedicated education specialist. He cares about the future of students, families, communities, and the country he resides in. He treats all people with respect and has a unique way of sharing this value with children leading by example. In a time where love and equality need to be taught from an early age, Jason creates an environment, in any setting, where this is foundational. He came back to Central Oregon to live because he loves the people, activities, and pace of living, but he’s able to reach out to others using the technological speed of today. He’s a kindhearted, easygoing, educated man with the experience your child deserves.


B.A English Literature
California State Long Beach, CA
M.A. Educational Administration
Concordia University, Irvine, CA
CA Teaching Credential

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